My whole life has been spent around cameras! My father is a photographer and *forced* me to pose for all his new props and backgrounds and teach me all his tricks. His passion, along with my love of dance/acting/anything that put me on the stage, sent me on a journey with the arts. Honestly, I kind of stumbled into film when asked to act for a video. That led to many more acting gigs, which allowed the behind-the-camera work to catch my eye. My organization, creativity and drive formed the perfect harmony that brought me great success in the production field. I have worked with hundreds of actors on hundreds of videos. After Producing with an organization for nearly a decade, the beginning of 2014 opened up doors for me to pursue freelance full-time and I couldn't be happier to follow my dreams of producing. My goal in life is to help people make their dreams come true. Thanks for checking out my site!